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Know Your Strengths

Welcome to the Personality Playground of Testers

3 out of 4 testers are either S (Steady) or C (Conscientious) style communicators

Personality of Testers Report 2024

Did You Know?

That’s right! In our world of testing, the majority are either the harmonious S types who treasure peace and teamwork, or the meticulous C types who thrive on details and accuracy. Imagine harnessing these traits to supercharge your testing team’s efficiency and morale!

Join us for a whirlwind adventure at our workshops where we explore these fascinating styles in a fun, engaging, and oh-so-energetic environment! Discover how knowing whether your teammate's D I S C style can transform your culture of quality..

Meet Your trainer

Erika Chestnut

With over 20 years of rich experience in the tech world, Erika Chestnut has mastered the art of leading with empathy, strategic insight, and a dash of humor. Her career journey has traversed various leadership roles, where she has not only built robust teams but also shaped the strategic direction of quality assurance within numerous organizations. Erika's approach combines deep industry knowledge with a personal touch that resonates with her teams and clients alike.

Erika is driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to empower QA professionals to elevate their impact and influence within their organizations. By sharing the tools, strategies, and insights that have significantly shaped her own career, she aims to transform QA teams from functional units into strategic powerhouses. Her workshops and coaching sessions are designed to unlock the potential of every team member, fostering a culture of quality that extends beyond the confines of the tech industry.

Erika Chestnut
Meet your trainer - Erika Chestnut
People Keys DISC Certified
Maxwell DISC Consultant
Maxwell Excecutive Program Leader
Certified High Flow Coach

Knowing your team's behavioral tendencies is not just an advantage; it's essential for driving efficiency and precision. At our core, we believe in leveraging personal strengths to fortify professional capabilities.

Insights and Tools

Picture of Erika Chestnut

Transform Your Team

To Speak with Quality

Understanding and adapting to the predominant DISC styles in your QA team can dramatically improve how you manage and execute QA projects. By aligning your leadership and communication strategies with the natural inclinations of your team, you not only enhance productivity but also increase job satisfaction and retention. Leverage the strength of D I S C to turn your QA team into a model of efficiency and reliability, setting a standard for quality that exceeds industry expectations.

Key Benefits of

Speaking with Quality

Enhanced Communication: Understanding and leveraging DISC personality profiles empowers your QA team to communicate more effectively, ensuring that every team member can express concerns and contribute solutions confidently and clearly.

Optimized Team Dynamics: Custom workshops help in recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of different DISC profiles, enabling better teamwork and collaboration, essential for agile and dynamic tech environments.

Increased Efficiency and Quality Output: By aligning the natural competencies of your team members with their roles, our coaching sessions help streamline processes and enhance the quality of outputs, directly impacting your bottom line.

Empowered Leadership: Equip your team leads and managers with the tools to understand their teams better, leading to improved management and a more motivated workforce.

Upskill your people in key areas but make it FUN!

Upskill your people in key areas but make it

Enhancing Quality with DISC Insights

Participate in FUN and ENGAGING team-building activities that bolster team spirit, stimulate collaboration, encourage team strategy, improve team synergy and so much more...

Here's what you can expect :

Get ready for a blast of energy and a whole lot of fun!

Our workshops are designed to keep you moving, interacting, and connecting in ways that will stick. So, let's dive into a day where learning feels more like playing, and every moment is packed with excitement

Why Choose Us?

Quality is at the core of who we are.

As an internationally recognized keynote speaker and coach, Erika brings a wealth of knowledge and an engaging presence to every event and session. Her expertise in elevating testing service teams from mere vendors to indispensable strategic partners has made her a sought-after figure in the industry. She understands the challenges that come with scaling and cultivating a culture of quality. Her workshops and 1:1 coaching offer practical, effective solutions.


Light and Shadow

Are You Ready?

Transform your Team

Schedule a discovery call to see how our Speak with Quality Workshops and Coaching can lead your team to deliver intentional and strategic quality.

Understand your team like never before with our DISC-based coaching and workshops designed to harness the unique strengths of each personality type within your quality assurance team. 

Shift your team from a fungible support function to a strategic and indispensable department within your tech organization.

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Learn why companies that invest in personality insights are better equipped to manage their teams and deliver superior results.

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